Intimate shots

My Monday morning should start like this. Slowly and serenity. And this pictures prove it: are stolen shots of intimate inspirations.

Il mio lunedi mattina deve iniziare cosi. Con lentezza e serenità. E questa immagini lo dimostrano: sono scatti rubati di intime ispirazioni.

Intimate shots
Intimate shots
Intimate shots
Intimate shots
Intimate shots

Via Vaaleanpunaisessa Hirsitalossa
Photo by Marja Photography

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    • Rispondi novembre 18, 2013

      Marzia Palazzi

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Rispondi novembre 18, 2013


    Where is that New York subway poster from? It’s beautiful!

    PS. Nice blog you have here.

  • Rispondi gennaio 3, 2014


    Hi! Love the blog. Where is the white low bookshelf from?

  • Rispondi gennaio 3, 2014

    Marzia Palazzi

    Hi Ashley..welcome on the blog!
    You can find the white bookshelf here
    obviously in the picture above is placed horizontally!

    Have a good day, Marzia

  • Rispondi agosto 5, 2014


    Hi Marzia

    I just spotted your amazing blog. I have to ask you where your lovely floor lamp in the second last picture is from?

  • Rispondi agosto 12, 2014

    Marzia Palazzi

    Hello Kristinna, thank you for following my blog!
    Honestly I don’t know what is the brand of the floor lamp.. when I have some more information I’ll let you know as soon as possible!
    A hug, M.

  • Rispondi novembre 24, 2014



    Can you tell me the name of the bookcase? I’m in Canada, an I can’t seem to find the same one on the Ikea website. The only one I see somewhat close to what you have is the Billy bookcase, but it’s not as nice.


    TM :)

  • Rispondi novembre 24, 2014

    Marzia Palazzi

    You’re right Tim, on the Ikea website unfortunately I can not find that kind of article.
    Surely there was until last year, because I bought it right there!
    What I can advise is to keep continuously updated the Ikea page, so if the item back in stock you have the opportunity to buy it.
    See you soon, Marzia

  • Rispondi febbraio 2, 2015

    Mary Sane

    Amazing room! :) Is it your own pictures or are they borrowed from someone else? Just wanted to make sure I’m linking to the original source when I’m pinning. Thanks! <3 Xx

    • Rispondi febbraio 3, 2015

      Marzia Palazzi

      Hello Mary.
      I’m glad you like these images. You will find many other images on Divaani blogit, is that the source of this post! Vaaleanpunaisessa Hirsitalossa is the blog referenced.
      See you soon, Marzia.

  • Rispondi ottobre 19, 2015


    Beautiful room! I love the potted plant you have – what kind of plant is it? Where did you get the pot as well? Thanks!

    • Rispondi ottobre 20, 2015

      Marzia Palazzi

      Hello Kate,
      The plant has a small olive..I leave you a link to understand what it is
      The vase is instead of Hubsch, mark that I will soon in my new online shop!

      Bye, Marzia

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