November 3, 2021

Autumn/Winter 2021 Lash Trends

November has arrived, the streets are covered in orange leaves, and Halloween is behind us. It’s fair to say autumn is in full swing! Each year, autumn/winter brings new trends across the fashion and beauty industry. As we dust off our winter coats and say goodbye to our spring florals, we can also expect a flurry of new makeup and beauty styles - and lashes are no exception!

For those outside of the lash industry, it may be easy to assume that lashes are pretty much unchanging - how much can eyelash extensions possibly vary? Well, actually, lash trends change so much year on year despite the trusty staples remaining popular at all times. From dolly style to fox eye and wet look to mega volume lashes, there are so many different lash styles it can be difficult to keep up! So, with this in mind, what can we expect of autumn/winter 2021?

Lash Trends

1. Brown Lashes

When we think of eyelash extensions, we typically picture the conventional black lash looks. Whether classic, hybrid or volume, black lashes are usually a given. It might come as a surprise, then, to hear that brown lashes are rising in popularity and are perfect for throughout the autumn months.

You certainly aren’t limited to black lashes - why not try out some softer, more subtle brown eyelash extensions? They work especially well on those with paler complexions or those whose hair has auburn undertones!

In the same way that you may tailor your eyebrow tint to suit your skin and hair tones, you can similarly achieve this with your lashes. Why opt for a bold black set if what you really want is a more stripped back, natural look? Ask your lash tech whether they offer brown lashes and voila! The perfect autumn/winter lash set awaits you.

Winter Lash Trends

2. Coloured Lashes

On the other end of the spectrum is something a little more fun and experimental: coloured lashes. Coloured lashes are typically associated with fancy dress, festivals, or cosplay, but this isn’t always the case!

In fact, during the festive season in particular, coloured lashes can be a stunning addition to your overall look. You don’t need to go all out with a full coloured set, instead you could simply ask your lash technician to intersperse red/green lash extensions throughout your classic black lash look. This adds a little something extra to your lash set and is bound to get everyone around you into the Christmas spirit.

3. Kitten Liner Trend

While the kitten eyeliner trend isn’t exclusive to autumn/winter 2021, its emergence in the lash community is set to make it a staple lash look this winter. Celebrities such as Zendaya have reignited our love for kitten eyeliner - described as the more stripped back, discreet sister of the traditional winged eyeliner that we all know and love.

But what has this got to do with lashes? Well, lash technicians are managing to create lash looks that replicate the kitten liner trend, giving clients the appearance of wearing kitten eyeliner when in actual fact they’re simply wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

This makes it a low maintenance way of achieving this highly on-trend makeup look, without having to master that eyeliner flick each morning.

We hope these three trending lash looks will help you to decide which style of eyelash extensions you want to get at your next appointment!


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