March 2, 2020

Nighttime Routines For Naturally Curly Hair

If there is one thing all curlies dread, it’s the end of an awesome hair day. Sleep is pretty important, but the thought of waking up the following morning to a flattened, lopsided, frizzy mess (that can only be tamed by a round of washing, detangling, styling, and drying) gives us all a pang of sadness.

Luckily there are ways to prolong those good hair days and keep those curly vibes going between washes and overnight. If you want to streamline your morning routine, spend less time managing your curls, or simply give your hair some time to breathe between washes, this article is for you. We’ve put together a list of five tried and true curly hair night routines to keep your hair flawlessly curly overnight.

1. Pineapple

The pineapple is one of the most common methods for keeping your natural curls intact overnight. Pineappleing got its name from the way your hair looks after you’ve put it up using the pineapple method. It works best with medium to long length hair, but can be used for all hair lengths. The idea behind putting your hair up in a pineapple is to minimize how much of your hair is in direct contact with your pillow while you sleep, thereby reducing smooshed curls and frizz. To pineapple your hair before bed:

- Tilt your hair forward and very gently gather it on top of your head

- Give your hair a slight loose twist if necessary to keep the curls from falling out of the pineapple

- Secure your hair in place with the help of a scrunchie, claw clip, or banana clip

Your hair should be gathered as high as possible on top of your head, and when you take a look in the mirror this whole “pineapple” term will immediately make sense.

Credit: Amazon

2. Plop

Plopping is best for people who like to wash their hair before bed. A properly done plop will keep your curls protected from all your nightly tossing and turning, and will ensure that you wake up with perfectly defined curls, ready to diffuse or air dry. Depending on the porosity of your hair the plop may leave your curls in need of a quick spritz of water and a few scrunches, but other than a quick refresh your curls won’t require any further fussing.

Credit: Ashley Moore

3. High Bun

The high bun is great for looser curl patterns and wavy hair. It’s similar to the pineapple, however instead of just bringing your curls to the front of your head as they are, you very gently twist your hair into a loose bun right above the crown. Similarly to the pineapple method, the high bun works best for those with medium to long hair. To secure the bun take a scrunchie and wrap it around the bun only once. The scrunchie should not be tight – if you tighten it too much the pressure will disrupt your curl pattern and leave an unsightly indent by morning.

Credit: Amazon

4. Silk Or Satin Bonnet

Silk/satin bonnets are the gold standard for keeping frizz at bay and keep the definition of your natural curls overnight, and for good reason. This method is especially great for those with shorter hair, as it may be difficult to get all of your curls reigned in with just a pineapple or high bun. Many curlies combine the bonnet method with a pineapple or high bun to give their curls extra protection while they sleep. Make sure to tuck in all your curls into the bonnet, and ensure that your bonnet is a good fit for you to so it stays in place while you sleep.  

5. Silk Or Satin Pillowcase

Think of a silk or satin pillowcase as an upgrade to the bonnet method. The same concept applies here – your curls are protected by the slippery nature of the fabric, which prevents frizz and breakage. Many curlies find the pillowcase method more comfortable than sleeping with a bonnet, and, like the bonnet method, often choose to combine this method with a pineapple or high bun.


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