June 4, 2020

Haircuts For Wavy Hair – Our Top Five Picks

Think it’s time to update your waves with a new cut? Whether it’s time for a trim, a big reset chop, or if you just feel like rocking a new style this summer, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched high and low for the best haircuts for wavy hair, and narrowed it down to five cuts and styles. These cuts and are great for showcasing your natural waves, and are great for all types of wavy hair. Keep reading for our staff’s top picks for best natural wavy hairstyles and cuts.


The bob is a timeless look, and while it may have gotten a bit of a bad rap in the past few years, it’s certainly making a comeback. For wavies, a bob is the ultimate low-maintenance cut. It’s easier to deal with, requires less product due to its short length, and of course dries much faster than longer hair. Wavy bobs are great for all face shapes, too, as the shorter length allows your hair to gain a more dramatic wave naturally, thereby better framing and flattering your face. Finally, the short length instantly adds a boost of volume to your roots, giving your waves just a bit more of a dramatic oomph. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try out one of the many modern iterations of the bob: a short bob with shaved short nape, angled cut bob, or a bob with an asymmetrical part.

Mid-Length Layers

For many of us who would prefer to keep our waves below the shoulder, a well-layered haircut is a must. Ultra fun and unashamedly feminine, a layered cut is the ultimate way to flaunt your natural wavy hair game in all its glory. The layers prevent your delicate waves from smooshing one another, give your hair natural volume and lift, and enhances each wave by removing unnecessary length that can weigh your waves down. Layered waves pair perfectly with an effortless (looking) side part, and pair beautifully with subtle sun kissed beachy highlights.


The groovy lovechild of layers and bobs, the shag is back. After debuting in the 70’s, the shag remained mostly forgotten. These days, the modern take on the classic cut is the perfect compromise between voluminous layers and an (understandable) aversion to length. It’s both a cut and a style, as it stands solidly on its own as a hairstyle – you can’t quite put it into a ponytail, and maneuvering it into an updo will take several strategically placed bobby pins, clips, and hair ties. Shag cuts are especially great at accentuating the wavy texture for those with lighter colored hair, as they showcase and define each wave, similar to the aforementioned mid-length layers.  

Long Spiraling Waves

For those with finer hair and looser wave patterns that cannot afford to lose a single strand through extensive layering, long spiral waves are the way to go. This cut is sometimes layered and angled too, but only very slightly. It lends itself much better to styling than shorter cuts like shags and bobs, thereby allowing you to explore more hairstyles in your day to day. Long spiral waves are not as well suited for those with very thick hair, however -- this type of haircut does not mitigate the effects of the weight of your hair like a more layered cut would, and can result in flat roots and lack of definition.

Wavy Lob

The lob, or long bob, is the elegant halfway point between long spiral waves and a bob. Lobs generally hover at around shoulder length, and are a great way to showcase your wavy hair without dealing with overly fussy amounts of length. For an edgier take on the traditional lob, opt for a face-framing angled lob. Perfect for all wavy textures, the lob is both a happy medium and a wonderfully flexible cut. It can be easily styled into most updos and hairstyles, and compliments all wavy hair densities and colors.

Special thanks to Allie Eaton and Jeanette Berkley for their contribution to this post.


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