February 8, 2022

5 Common Reasons For Your Hair Loss

Hair loss could be heartbreaking, but you are not alone if you believe your hair is thinning. In fact, hair loss that occurs suddenly is one of the most common abnormalities that could occur at any time. It could cause irreversible hair loss and make you appear older than you are.

Hair loss

However, every case is unique, implying you could face hair loss for various reasons, including:

1) Genetics

The most prevalent form of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, lies within the genes and is often linked to age. Most persons refer to it as female or male pattern hair loss, and it impacts over 30M women and 50M men across the U.S. Unlike other types of hair loss, this is more severe and typically starts in early adulthood and slowly worsens with aging.

Genetic-related hair loss begins at the temples and progresses to the scalp for males, though there might be slight thinning at the middle of your head. On the other hand, females’ androgenetic alopecia is initially noticeable once you split your hair with progressive thinning everywhere.

2) Age

Nearly everybody will realize hair thinning and hair loss as they become older. Your cells repeatedly develop and die throughout all ages, but with aging, your cells die off more rapidly than they renew. As a result, your bones weaken, and your skin gets thinner; your hair suffers the same.

As you grow older, you generate reduced oil in your scalp, which could render your hair brittle or weak. Thus, attributed to general hair loss or thinning. Some persons suffer more significant hair loss with aging, a disorder known as androgenetic alopecia (pattern hair loss).

Reasons for hair loss

3) Hormone Problems

Both women and men might suffer hormonal issues resulting in thinning hair or hair falling out. Factors that might trigger rapid fluctuation in your hormone levels entail menopause, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, or childbirth. Even switching prescription drug regimens could trigger thinning hair if the drugs impact your hormones.

4) Styles and products

You might be unintentionally causing your hair to fall or thin by your selection of hairstyles and products. Overly abrasive products like sprays and gels, as well as relaxers, perms, and other chemical solutions, might cause harm to your hair. Some could even irreparably damage your follicles. Therefore, closely examine the products you utilize. Click on https://www.misstamchiak.com/yun-nam-hair-care-2/ to learn more about this.

Another possible explanation of hair loss or thinning is styling your hair in fashions that pull on it. These styles include extremely tight buns, braids, ponytails, etc.

5) Infections

Infections of the scalp are another major cause of hair loss. It occurs once fungi, yeast, or bacteria outgrow and affect the hair follicles. You may notice redness, scaling, pus bumps, or the scalp feeling itchy or somewhat painful. Fungal scalp infections are very contagious and one of the main reasons for hair loss in kids.

Other potential factors that might trigger hair loss include nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress, and treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all regarding the cause of your hair loss; every case is unique, and the inherent factors are unique to you. Explore the products and treatments available that can help fix your hair loss and thinning problems.


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