July 30, 2020

How To Style Short Wavy Hair And Short Curly Hair – Seven Styles You’ll Love

Those of us with shorter curly and wavy hair have arrived at this length for a reason – easy management. A short head of curls or waves that styles and dries faster, and requires less product for upkeep. With that said, however, it’s always nice to be able to style your curls and waves into elegant updos when the mood strikes. It doesn’t have to be a tradeoff between short hair and interesting styling choices, and we here at MyWorldApart have put together a few examples to get you inspired and styling your short curls and waves. Check out these seven super easy ways to style short wavy and naturally curly hair and get styling!

1 -A high bun with face framing tendrils works great for all curly and wavy textures. Great for anything from a casual breakfast with friends to a dinner date, it’s a super simple classic that can carry you between wash days with no more than a quick curl refresh. Gather your hair in a loose bun at the crown and secure with bobby pins or clips, and leave a few curls out to frame your face.  

2 - The messy bun is a staple for all hairstyles and textures, but it works especially well for wavy hair. It’s the perfect casual look, but can also be dressed up for a night out on the town. For those with short wavy hair, loosely gather as much hair as you can in a bun high atop your head and frame the bun by pinning up the remaining waves.

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3 - For 3B curlies and curlier, this style is a great way to showcase your curls while they’re up. It’s something like a high ponytail, perfect for short curly hair, and super simple. Gather your curls atop your head by bringing them forward in sections, working form the sides of your hair towards the middle. Fasten with bobby pins, adjust, and you’re done!

4 - A fun and fashionable take on the messy bun, this style just oozes a casual cool. Gather half your hair from the back and tie it up with a scrunchie or head scarf, leaving the waves around your face free. To finish off the style, loosely secure the remaining waves with bobby pins for super chic all-day wear.

5 - For natural curlies blessed with volume, this faux undercut braided style is a showstopper. It takes a bit longer than the other styles on our list, but is well worth the effort. Braid your hair upwards in sections, either at an angle to achieve this look, or straight up for a similar effect to style number three. Keep this style fresh for days with by sleeping with a silk bonnet or pillowcase!

styling short naturally curly hair

6 - Super short natural hair and pressed for time? With this easy and adorable updo your hair will be styled in minutes. Brush your hair out, part it down the middle, and gather each section into a little puff. Finish off with gel to control flyaways for a perfectly polished and fun look.

short curly hair styles

7 - For those with short but abundant natural hair, this minimalist use of cornrows achieves an effortlessly cool style that lasts. This simple style requires a few strategically placed cornrows to keep your curls out of the way and perfectly voluminous. If your hair naturally grows to one side, the braids should be on the opposite side in order to compliment the natural growth of your hair.


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